Shojib R, 2020-09-30 11:07:39

We always tend to choose wired headphones as it is incredibly cheap and very well known to all in comparison with wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are very comfortable if anyone wants to have the best experience of hearing songs or audiobooks while working or even exercising. There are many advantages of wireless headphones and it offers a completely different experience which one should not miss. But all wireless headphones are not created equally. There are good products and bad products as well in the market. To avoid the worst models, one should check some details before buying it and then hopefully can wind up with something which will be worth having.

So, here are 10 things which you should know before buying wireless headphones.

  • Price:

The first thing one should consider before buying anything  is its price. And in the case of wireless earbuds, it is the most important one. There can be found so many cheap wireless headphones in the market but without any exception one should avoid them. Good wireless headphones cannot be bought at bargain basement prices. Because, wireless earbuds need a good quality bluetooth chip and must have some decent high density batteries to work longer than hour between charges. So, good quality does not generally come at cheap prices; premium wireless headphones come at premium price. If you are looking for wireless headphones with great noise cancellation, advanced features, great design, and fantastic sound quality,  you should go for the expensive earbuds for the privileges.

But if all you are looking for is a convenient pair of wireless headphones for some simple music listening and voice chatting, then a cheaper pair will do the trick just fine.

  • Sound quality

You should check the quality of the sound before purchasing wireless earbuds considering audio quality is of paramount importance.

Now-a-days, many wireless earbuds are equipped with aptX technology which means Bluetooth was never meant for high-quality audio transmissions and that's why audio is compressed making the sound worse. Audio quality is a lot more similar to CDs because compression is done differently with aptX. The technique here, however, is that both the headphones and the audio devices, speaker or phone, must support aptX technology.

  • Codecs

Try to find out which codecs your preferred wireless headphones support. The most basic models, wbich only works with SBC, of codec does not support higher resolution audios and mostly sounds little bit flat because of the limited transmission speed that the codec uses. If you are an apple user, you should get earbuds which have SBC and higher quality of AAC as apple only support those. Otherwise, it will be waste of momey. If you are an Android user, you do not have to worry about codecs as the latest version of Android supports most of the Bluetooth audio codecs including the Hi-Res aptX HD, which sounds awesome.

  • Battery life

For wireless headphones, battery life is crucial to consider as it has limited battery life. Most wireless headphones will provide quite a few hours of battery life so that you can be able to use them non-stop for few hours every day. But do not forget to charge it after using it.

Though there are some wireless headphones which can be used while it is being charged, they will be no longer wireless which means all of their convenience and portable advantages will no longer be available.

  • The Charging Case

The charging case which stores and recharges wireless headphones is  essential part of a pair of wireless earbuds. The charging case has a battery that can hold a charge sufficient to top up the earbuds between three and four times before the charging case needs recharging itself. Be careful that some manufacturers of wireless headphones may quote the combined playing time of three or four top-ups available from the charging case, instead of quoting the playing time for the earbuds. You need to be sure of the playing time which you will get in one go. Another thing is that the case needs to be robust for the comfortable usage.

  • Form and comfort

Form is important for many people. They tend to look at the designs and colors. Variation of wireless earbuds is important. The form is directly related to comfort of the users. Every individual has a specific style, choice and comfort zone. There are three forms of wireless headphones; in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. So, you should find your comfortable form of wireless earbuds.   

  • Size

Size is important to look at whenever you are about to purchase wireless headphones because it is directly connected to your listening experience. You should buy wireless headphones which adjusts your ears easily and comfortably.      

  • Controls

Most of the people are tend to control their headphones such as increasing/lowering the headphones or play/pause the audio whenever they are using wired headphones but the wireless headphones can be very different in this regard. Many wireless earbuds have controls on their earpieces themselves and some of them have touch control as well. Some limited versions can be controlled by voice or by external apps. The control method is important to check before buying as it can give you different experience according to your usage.

  • Pairing

Pairing is also important to look at as there can be various ways to connect your device to your headphone. Maximum headphones connect through Bluetooth to pair up with your phone or an external speaker but others may also have NFC functionality.

  • Noise Canceling

Some wireless headphones offer a noise-canceling feature that can help to minimize any kind of noise such as the drone of aircraft engines or the clickety-clack of a railway track. And it comes with a disadvantage actually. The battery time will not probably be lengthy as this feature, noise-canceling circuitry, consumes batteries. So, keep in mind that too. Noise Canceling headphones also include hear-through feature to prevent and adjust the noise so that you can adjust the noise canceling to the level that’s comfortable.