What do you keep in mind when purchasing a smartphone?

What do you keep in mind when purchasing a smartphone?

23 April 2021 0 By William H

Smartphones have become the most commonly used electronic items these days. To cope up with the need of people, smartphones now have varieties of features. Phones are not only confined in calls and messages now. You can do almost everything in your daily life with a smartphone. So before buying a smartphone you should think about your need and purpose of buying clearly. Here are some things you might want to consider if you’re thinking about buying a new smartphone.

1.    Display: If you are a heavy user of your smartphone, you should choose your phone’s display wisely. Because you might spend many hours looking at your phone. So make sure you choose a screen with the right size and resolution. Moreover, a big screen with high resolution will give you an enriched media experience.

2.    Processors: There is a lot of talking about processors with jargons like quad-core, octa-core, Snapdragon, etc. But you can simply look at the speed. This is expressed with Gigahertz. High-speed processors work faster. So if you want to do a lot of video or game steaming, you will need a faster processor.

3.    Operating System: There are not so many options here. You can either go for IOS or Android. If you want IOS, then will have to choose any Apple iPhone. Android has many names and versions. Always try to get the latest version.

4.    Battery: Continuous usage of the internet, using multiple apps at a time, heavy usage of media or video games streaming drains the battery faster. So if you are using your phones for these purposes you should buy a phone with a long-lasting battery.

5.    Storage: There are two kinds of memories in smartphones. RAM and ROM. RAM mainly works with the speed of the phone. ROM is generally referred to as storage. This is where all the photos or media files are preserved. So if the phone has higher RAM the phone will operate fast, and the phone which has higher ROM will have more storage. Find out what you need before buying.

6.    Camera: Most smartphones have cameras now, but all of them will not give you a satisfying result. So if you like taking photos you should research a little about smartphone cameras before buying. The higher pixel count does not mean the camera is good. You should also consider the camera aperture, pixel size, auto focus, ISO level, etc.

7.    Security features: Most of us keep our personal information on our smartphones. So check out the security features of the camera. Many smartphones have fingerprint sensors along with other locks/unlock options. You should go for those.

8.    Audio/ Speakers: If you are a movie or drama lover, or if you like to listen to your favorite songs on your way to work, check the audio settings of your phone before buying. You can also choose a phone with a front-facing speaker. This will give you a clearer sound.

Apart from these, there are also a few things you might want to consider while buying a new phone. 

 If you find a phone with wireless charging, definitely go for it. It’s very convenient. Also, check if it has a headphone jack or it works only with Bluetooth headsets. Check out if the phone is water protective or not, because you might not want to take a risk.

Now you can find your desired smartphone that will give you great service. Enjoy!